What I Do to Help You Achieve Online Marketing Success

6 Key Services for Success in Online Marketing

  • Top Task Customer Carewords research with Gerry McGovern.
  • Expert marketing communications website reviews.
  • "Writing Right for the Web" On-Campus Workshops.
  • Competitive website reviews.
  • Content editing to meet the 5 second scan rule.  
  • Secret shopping for improved response to you online inquiries.

For a detailed proposal about one or more of these services, contact me by email or call me at 248-766-6425.

Many projects are completed in 8 to 10 weeks from the starting date... or less. Customer Carewords Research usually takes 10 to 14 weeks. Web writing projects will vary with the number of pages included.

Expert Marketing Communications Website Review

Reviews often begin at the Home page and move through primary audience paths similar to these: Future Students, Current Students, Athletics, Faculty and Staff, Alumni. You select the pages reviewed to meet your special interests.

I pay special attention to 7 characteristics of effective websites:

  • Quality of writing;
  • Currency and relevance of content;
  • Interactive features;
  • Ability to link from one content area to similar additional content;
  • Ease of form completion;
  • Effectiveness of the search engine;
  • Search engine optimization elements such as page title tags and keyword use.

What You Receive

Customer Carewords Top Task Research

Customer Carewords research helps you create websites that help people complete their top tasks as easily and quickly as possible. The result: a website that generates higher conversion results from your key student recruitment and alumni audiences.

Customer Carewords takes you beyond "keywords" for Search Engine Optimization.

Keywords bring people to your website. Carewords bring them through your website to a point where they complete top tasks such as finding academic programs and cost information, making an inquiry, visiting campus, completing an application, or donating to your annual fund. Keywords and Carewords work together to give you a total online marketing solution.

  • Carewords research also includes a "Customer Centric Index" to learn what people who use your present site like and don't like about it before you start revising.
  • The "CCI" is also available as an independent service for future students, current students, faculty and staff, and alumni.
We've done Carewords projects for 29 higher education clients. Scan the list on my partner firm page.

Customer Carewords research is a licensed methodology created by Gerry McGovern. Read a detailed project outline here.

“Writing Right for the Web”... On-Campus Workshop

The workshop is designed for everyone who creates or edits website content. Any number of people can attend. You can record the workshop for future use on-campus.

Topics covered include:

  • How people read online
  • Basics of direct marketing copy style
  • Length of sentences and paragraphs
  • Use of subheads and bullet points
  • Importance of the first sentence
  • The danger of using PDFs to display print magazines and viewbooks online
  • Basic pointers for search engine optimization that writers can implement
  • "Writing Right" for mobile and social media
  • Examples of higher ed websites that "write right for the web."

The workshop features many examples selected from "best practice" college and university websites.

“Thank you for such a wonderful job! I’ve been getting great calls all morning from people who were really appreciative of the workshop content.”

— Lori Croy
Director, Web Communications
University of Missouri

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Content Editing Services

To quickly convert large amounts of current content on your website to a more web-friendly style, you need the help of an editor with a strong direct-marketing background who applies the 5-second scan rule to each website page. If visitors don't find something of interest on a web page is 5 seconds or less, they leave. Makings sure your content meets the 5-second rule is what I can do for you.

Your website will benefit from the a concise, direct approach to content presentation that subscribes to the key elements in my "Writing Right for the Web" workshop and the critical guidelines in Gerry McGovern's book, Killer Web Content. The result: content that brings a new spirit to your website, so that you engage and hold the interest of your visitors throughout a recruitment or annual fund cycle.

Competitive Website Review

Your review starts with a visit to the websites of four competitors as a first time prospective student seeking initial information about these schools. I make an inquiry at the websites and use the response as an initial measure of how effectively each college is using online communications.

The review includes the following:

  • Analysis, including frequent screen shots, of the availability of content that is most important to first-time visitors. The review starts at the Home page, moves to the admissions page, and continues with a visit to a primary academic program page.
  • Submission of an online inquiry to the competitors, with analysis of the speed and content of the response, allowing an estimate of the relative effectiveness of your online communications program.

What You Receive

  • A report and recommendations on areas that are most important for improved impact on student recruitment, including any notable features that give your competitors a recruitment advantage.
  • On campus presentation and discussion of the results with your campus team.

Secret Shopping

How does your response to an online inquiry compare with your most important competitors?

A secret shopping project will give you detailed information about the timing, look, and content of responses to an inquiry from a college-bound student. The result: you can revise your program for competitive advantage to gain more campus visits and online applications. 

For a detailed proposal about one or more of these services, contact me by email or call me at 248-766-6425.