Top Tasks with Gerry McGovern's Customer Carewords Research

Your Key to Creating Website Content that Engages and Converts in the Mobile Era

Customer Carewords research helps you create customer-centric websites built around the top tasks that people want to do on your site. The result: higher conversions from your key audiences.

Marketing success in the mobile era requires careful selection of less than 10 links that people will see on a small mobile device when a page first opens. Top task research will let you make an objective decision about what those few links should be as you transition from the many that are now on your home page.

We've worked with 30 colleges, universities, and schools around the world.

Top Tasks and Customer Carewords let you integrate all your online marketing communications.

Once you understand the top tasks that your visitors really care about and the carewords that engage them you can use these tasks and words in all your marketing materials, including brochures, print and radio ads, and anything else that you use to bring people to your website. Integrated marketing communications starts with top task research.

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Top Task Research is Your First Step to a New Level of Website Success

Why explore the top tasks and words that your website visitors care most about?
  • You can achieve two important results:
    - Higher yield at each stage of your recruitment cycle.
    - Higher annual fund participation by alumni.
  • Your website must engage people. Customer Carewords start that engagement from the first moment people enter your front page and see the top tasks that matter most to them.
  • Your website must speak the language that's most important to those who visit you, especially prospective students, donors, and alumni. Customer Carewords tell you how to start the conversation. And how to keep it alive in the content you prepare throughout your website.
Don't rely on conventional wisdom or casual conversation to identify the top tasks and find the important words that will immediately attract people's attention when they arrive at your site. The stakes are too important for that.

Customer Carewords is a program created by internationally recognized web content expert Gerry McGovern.
  • Gerry is author of Content Critical, The Web Content Style Guide, and Killer Web Content.
  • He has spent 15 years developing a unique set of tools and techniques to identify the Top Tasks and Carewords that are most important to the people who visit your site. Getting these tasks and words exactly right is the difference between an average-performance website, and a high-performance one where more people are completing high-value tasks.
An International Parnership 
Gerry and I work together to bring the power of the Customer Carewords program to colleges and universities in the United States. Our partners at NeoInsight in Ottawa help Canadian universities achieve the same success. And we have colleagues in the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, and the U.K. ready to partner with European universities.

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